Why Do People Like Apple Computers So Much?

Apple computers have grown very popular in the last few years, and the popularity of Macintosh computers has even surpassed IBMs. Why did that happen? Well, Apple computers are often considered more user-friendly and simpler than PCs. For this reason, it isn’t just the young people who are turning to Apple, but older people who are uncomfortable with technology have begun to buy Macintosh computers.

Apple computers are also popular with web designers, video editor and graphic designers, because Macs have certain software products that individuals in particular industries need. Also, Macintosh computers are actually very compatible. You can use a simulator to run Windows on a Mac, whereas the reverse isn’t possible.

Interestingly, people who use Apple computers (and other Apple products) are quite passionate. They are a rather noisy crowd, that believes Macintosh is the superhero of the computer world. This is, probably, partly because Apple struggled financially and was ridiculed in the 1980’s and 90’s. There was a group of users in the 1990’s that marketer Guy Kawasaki called the “EvangeList”. He was meant to inspire their feverish enthusiasm by sending them only good news. They essentially became a cult.

Those who love Apple computers continue to do so with a cult-like fervor. Many of them seem to believe that Macintosh computers have saved them, and that they must convert all fallen Microsoft users. However, this does not persuade the Windows users that they should try Macintosh computers or Apple products. Actually, it often seems to have the opposite effect, causing Microsoft fans to regard Apple users as an overzealous and trendy group. Microsoft users tend to approach the computer discussion with a rational outlook, whereas the Apple users can’t help but say “it’s just better”.

Of course, owning a Mac computer is no longer as cool as it used to be, because now everyone has one. It’s not as edgy or hipster to be an Apple person, and as a result, some of the old fanaticism is dying down. So what will happen now?

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