Perks of a College Degree for Cloud Computing

In this day and age, cloud computing is everywhere. Whether you are updating your Facebook status or doing online banking, it is all cloud based. This technology has been rapidly evolving over the past two decades, and is showing no sign of fading out anytime soon. As such, when companies decide
to adopt cloud computing, they struggle to obtain skilled professionals who can effectively manage the technology.

Cloud computing is not just a passing trend, but rather a developing sector with immense growth possibilities. Therefore, if you are looking for the most profitable and future-ready course to study, cloud computing is undoubtedly a good choice. Read on to find out about the amazing perks of a college degree for cloud computing.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Cloud technology has accelerated globally with more industries increasingly relying on the cloud to develop marketing, sell products, and enhance management. A recent study by the International Data Group revealed that 69 percent of businesses have already adapted cloud-computing solutions in one capacity or another, while 18 percent plan on implementing cloud technology soon. The data alone reflects how businesses are recognizing the endless benefits of cloud computing and the direction in which the IT landscape is heading. As such, learning cloud computing is the only way to stay future-ready
and ahead of the game.

High Demand

Today, there are more than 18 million software developers globally, however only 25 percent of them are capitalizing on cloud technology opportunities. It is pretty obvious that as more industries align with the cloud, more developers will be required to meet their evolving needs. Skilled cloud computing professionals are in high demand by both big and small organizations; therefore having a degree in cloud computing can unlock unlimited growth potential in your professional life.

Lucrative Salary

The median annual salary offered to IT professionals with Cloud Computing skills in 2016 was $124,300. High demand coupled with a shortage of skilled professionals has resulted in organizations offering lucrative salary packages to qualified candidates. With a professional degree in cloud computing, a qualified professional can easily find a lucrative job.

Endless Growth Opportunities

Cloud computing isn’t a trend that will just disappear with the next strong wind; it is an evolving technology that has revolutionized the IT landscape. Cloud computing in itself is an umbrella term that includes several roles such as IT architecture, user experience, security, and programming. With emerging cloud computing careers, IT administrators with cloud landscape know-how will have limitless opportunities to grow their career.

Cloud ready professionals are increasing in demand by 26 percent every year as technology keeps advancing and evolving. Having a college degree in Cloud Computing will help you develop a high-in-demand skill set that will grow your career exponentially.