How Have the Internet and Computers Changed the World?

The introduction of the Internet and computers over the past few decades has changed the way people communicate with one another, which has changed the way businesses function, the way countries relate, the way societies work, shop, eat, and so on and so forth. The impact of this new technology is so profound that it is impossible to summarize its overall influence. Computers and the Internet are certainly some of the most significant inventions of humankind, if not the most remarkable of the past few decades. Few experts believe that there are inventions more important than the Internet (and those who do generally point to the invention of tools that led to the Internet in the end).

The easy access of worldwide information is a key component of the Internet. It is infinitely easier to research any topic, even obscure ones that couldn’t be found in a library. More specialized research, such as medical research, is readily available. The Internet allows for the collaboration of experts and can lead to significant advances in various professions. Wikipedia is another example of the value of collaborative knowledge. The Internet also helps spread information such as news very quickly, as well as rumors and made-up facts. The spread of information has a significant impact on politics, as does the ability to campaign directly.

The Internet has also made life more convenient for many people. It is much easier to travel, since a user can by airline tickets, research hotels, and rent a car. It is easier to shop for the best pair of shoes, or the right car. It is also possible to buy almost anything online, including homemade goat cheese from another country. It is easier to keep in touch with friends and family, due to email, and social networking sites have made it easier to have a large network of friends. In fact, the Internet has created a whole new way of being social. Computers are used at home, at school and in the workplace, and, today, it’s rather difficult to remember life without the Internet.

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